White Butterflies

I am no closer of having anything figured out by no means… but I have been feeling an invisible genuine force these last years that has made me take one step after another in an unknown direction, the right one because I felt a certainty within my heart. Miracles have crossed my way, unseen to the rest of the world, some even with shapes and colors, and they have put me and my family in the way of beauty and gratefulness. Just like that.

I wanted to share with all you, today, in a special one, what I wrote exactly one year ago…Call me crazy! Thank God I am and I love it!

This year of change, being new to Lower School has made me more open to things I did not recognize before, even though they were happening all the time and working all the time, I did not see them. The more they occurred, the more I could use that awareness to learn, grow and be better.

In late September, I experienced an explosion of kindness, inspiration, and connection with 5KB. I was asked to speak to them about my flaws and defects. Around then, no “Wonder”, miracles started to happen, as my perception of many things changed. The origin was Asm. That whirlwind of magical kindness inspired me to be me, to see more through my own eyes, something the little ones just DO.

Teaching tiny people has made me not dismiss the little things, made me more open to hear, see, feel, smell and taste it all more. They have made me understand that being vulnerable, as children are, makes one beautiful, measures your bravery and that it is the way to live a wholehearted life. This way of living, as my little students do, is the birthplace of pure love, belonging, creativity, worthiness, and joy, as well as fear and struggle….which we are all wired to experience, but being vulnerable as they are, lets one be seen, deeply seen and feel alive and enough.

This year in Lower School felt like having my own special superpowers; I guess that is why I started to wear superhero clothes at 42 to work…to my very own surprise. 

We all have gifts, but it is not until we perceive them, that they start working in you and in everything that surrounds you.  Asm this year has been the playground of the miracles I have experienced and reached my heart directly.

Like my 10-year-old son says “white butterflies, are much more than just white butterflies”.

Love, Ana

Acerca de madretrabajadoracreativa

¡Soy una enamorada de la vida! No hay cosa que más me guste que sonreir, ser positiva, hacer reir, buscar el lado bueno y no parar de hacer cosas. Tengo cuatro hijos preciosos, tres niñas y un niño, y un marido al que adoro. Me apasiona el deporte, en especial el voleibol, el fútbol y correr. Soy muy activa, y lo que más me relaja es dar masajes y cocinar, pero dulces solo...llevo haciendo bollos y tartas desde los 11 años en casa! La moda me fascina también, no tanto seguirla, sino ver qué le sienta mejor a cada persona en un momento y situación distinta, me divierte imaginar y pensar qué le quedaría bien. Tengo buen ojo para eso y suelo acordarme mucho de las personas viendo lo que les sentaría genial! Y por supuesto viajar, me considero una persona multicultural por haber tenido la suerte de vivir en distintos países desde niña, de viajar y de tener amigos repartidos por todo el mundo. Creo que la vida son experiencias y viajar y conocer culturas distintas te abre los ojos y el corazón. Me seducía el mundo del blog por tener la oportunidad de compartir y contar trucos, novedades y vivencias con muchas personas, que a mi me han servido o me entretienen. ¡Así que allá voy! ¡A divertirme! Besos de una madre, trabajadora, activa, divertida, creativa e imaginativa. Aquí teneís mi mail para cualquier consulta: baezaana@yahoo.com Ana Baeza Licenciada en Ciencias de la Actividad Física y el Deporte
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2 respuestas a White Butterflies

  1. David dijo:

    Love it! The unknown is often what makes life that little bit more interesting! You’re an amazing person Ana, and you have a super cool family. Tell Edu to keep thinking those deep thoughts and seeing things for more than what they first appear to be…also what makes life interesting! Besos from Mauritius!

    Me gusta


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