Courage of the heart

“The answer that the heart tells you is the right one, and you should follow your heart, not other people. The bad people have good hearts but they don’t follow them, all hearts are good”, that’s Edu’s definition at age 10 of what courage of the heart is. 

We have been speaking about the latest horrible events and why would people do such heartless things, we did so because our day yesterday was all about the contrary, until we heard the terrible news coming home. We had just been walking through the strawberry fields, listening to John Lenon’s music right there, imaging one world together, no countries hating each other, no people hating each other, more love, respectful religions… imagining people living life in peace… just as he had sang. It is hard and sad to explain the harshness and irrational actions of people to a kid, but through his eyes, the solution was so easy. 

He said to me what I wrote above.

And why is love from the heart so tragically absent from many lives? Why is it so hard to have the courage to love openly, faithfully, kindly and without measure? I guess it all began with hurt at some point for everyone. Even though, as Edu says, all hearts are good, because we are all born with authentic and never ending love, but things changed. In many ways we could of felt hurt, with harsh words, selfish acts, rejection, judged, ridiculed, shamed, embarrassed, disappointment, broken trust, not cared for, left alone, we didn’t get the attention we needed, we could of been treated with cruel intentions…and sadly many more.

So, we begin in our own way, the hard work of closing our hearts to protect our light, building a very high wall around it. We might let a few people who we feel safe with take a peak above this cold thick wall, but even giving them just glimpses of what we are really capable of feeling and giving. Always measuring…measuring how much we can show them, give them, let them in and how much we allow our hearts to light up for them. And all this makes us suffer.

And I think we begin to falsely believe very early or since we get hurt at some point that we have to “protect our hearts”, instead of having the courage to open it and follow it. But hurt has nothing to do with love and I think that no amount of love is ever lost, no matter the pain, hurt, loss or tragedy. It was never absent from our lives, it was always there and always will be. It will not leave us, it does not go anywhere, it is always present, all around. We simply let our awareness of it to fade.

Going back to the catastrophic events lately, that is one after the other, I think that the real tragedy that causes so much evil in humanity is closing and walling off our hearts.

Love has no enemies, it is everywhere, indestructible, ever present, everlasting, it cannot be caged, or contained or set aside, it flows everywhere, through all of us, all our family, our friends, our enemies, strangers without limit! It will always exist freely, it is divine. We have to be aware of this and to let love transform us. That is our biggest problem blocking love from flowing freely…for self-protection? You block the very thing you desire the most? 

And this is how I tried to explain Edu why this world is so crazy, why people go so crazy. And that the only way through all the hurt and pain is LOVE. And it all starts in you and in our homes and families. 

So in the end, the one virtue that we all need to unify this world now with all thats going on, is precisely… courage if the heart. 

Ana from NY

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¡Soy una enamorada de la vida! No hay cosa que más me guste que sonreir, ser positiva, hacer reir, buscar el lado bueno y no parar de hacer cosas. Tengo cuatro hijos preciosos, tres niñas y un niño, y un marido al que adoro. Me apasiona el deporte, en especial el voleibol, el fútbol y correr. Soy muy activa, y lo que más me relaja es dar masajes y cocinar, pero dulces solo...llevo haciendo bollos y tartas desde los 11 años en casa! La moda me fascina también, no tanto seguirla, sino ver qué le sienta mejor a cada persona en un momento y situación distinta, me divierte imaginar y pensar qué le quedaría bien. Tengo buen ojo para eso y suelo acordarme mucho de las personas viendo lo que les sentaría genial! Y por supuesto viajar, me considero una persona multicultural por haber tenido la suerte de vivir en distintos países desde niña, de viajar y de tener amigos repartidos por todo el mundo. Creo que la vida son experiencias y viajar y conocer culturas distintas te abre los ojos y el corazón. Me seducía el mundo del blog por tener la oportunidad de compartir y contar trucos, novedades y vivencias con muchas personas, que a mi me han servido o me entretienen. ¡Así que allá voy! ¡A divertirme! Besos de una madre, trabajadora, activa, divertida, creativa e imaginativa. Aquí teneís mi mail para cualquier consulta: Ana Baeza Licenciada en Ciencias de la Actividad Física y el Deporte
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