Eat Pray Love


My sister sent me this book and I never hear of it or knew anything about it. I truly enjoyed it, was moved by it, laughed and felt all types of sensations and desires of searching good deep feelings inside, going to places inside me without traveling with my earthly body (I use that term a lot now, I love it! :). I am writing in English because I read the book in English and I find I express myself better in this language when it comes to important, heart, funny things and swearing ;).

I read the book at the beach, now that I can take a book and actually read it there, a few years ago taking one with the kids along was an act of total optimism. 🙂

I encourage everyone to read this book not paying attention to what actually happens to the author, but what she does, how she does it and how she deals with the shift in her. I will not write here about what the book is about, only the thoughts that were brought by it in me.

We are all a mess, but what a glorious mess we are! We come to existence with nothing and as pure as can be, why not leave this life the same way? With a true heart, a pure one full of all the kindness you can gather, all the endless love that can store your heart. I have been thinking a lot about storage lately because of my iphone everyday reminding me that it is full of storage and that I have to manage it; this made me think about an open space, a spot, a doorway that I am in need to make for something bigger and brighter than anything I have ever felt to come in, or rush in, as I am. It is like cleaning closets, it all gets rearranged and there is more space. And boy I have plenty of love already, but I can store more, endlessly. We all have so much space to fill in with more love than we have ever dreamed of and it has nothing to do with worldly love.

Until something or an event occurred does not shift you inside, you will not have the urge of grabbing on to something to keep on breathing. The same way that if you do not recognize what you are receiving you will not wake up to live and love to the fullest. Because when all that you trust falls apart or you are heart broken, or experience a loss, until something like that bursts into your life without notice sometimes, and you feel like you will stop breathing, or as if you had a car accident every day, that is when you turn to look inside and discover things that may terror you and set you free at the same time. To find real peace inside you have to let the armor down and surrender arms. Let go and trust.

This book made me think about our ego. Who will not rest no matter what we gain. It is so tricky that it will even tempt us with the promise of something we already possess just to keep in charge. It is like it kept you feeling separate when we are wholeness. Once we can get the ego out of work, our heart will make the decisions. Hard challenge that one but this book gives you good ideas to practice.

I love clothes, and even more the idea of selecting my thoughts each day, as I would select my clothes. This is something we can practice and cultivate, to control the mind, something to work on. The mind is also so hard to distinct from our heart. All of this takes habit and practice and this book gives you ideas.

I have not been even near the state of solemnity, content and divine peace that the author experienced but I do know something, and that is that we can find some peace and happiness in our personal effort to grow and use whatever tools we can find to help us be in peace with ourselves and with what we feel. It just feels good when you persevere and push yourself to be better. I discovered a simple method in this book, just sit in silence and smile, I love it. Only good things come up! Try! 🙂

My dear Texas is brought up in the form of a friend who shows up to help heal; a guardian in a life moment that gives the right care and love you need at that very moment. That is my description of Texas, which makes me smile “even in my liver” when I think about it. As it is said in the book by this Texan friend: “stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone oughtta be”; that is very me as well.

I also have not been even near the suffering she might have been through or millions of people, but we all have our share, and on that note, I am glad and happy I have started a journey of the self some months ago. The world is crazy, no need to argue that, all that happens… and the best thing we can do is worry about our own craziness to find peace inside us through whatever method you can get your hands on. If we can reach to be in peace, happy and in calm with ourselves, we will save so much worry and suffering to all those who love us and to ourselves. Because if this world is crazy it is because there are so many sad and unhappy people stuck in that state like a place, that have not been able to or had the chance or bravery to know and work on themselves and grow. It is easy to look at everyone else and refuse to look at oneself, that is hard, but in the end after all the things that produce sorrow and hurt in you come up like vomit, you start feeling with an open heart with an infinite capacity of love, forgiveness and understanding. And I know is one of the best things we can do for this crazy world.

When you have a sense of who you are you attract good things. Recently, I told my friend Gonzalo that I loved how he found the way to serve the world through his talent. How will you serve the world? The thing is, you can only have a true good and positive effect on others once you truly know yourself, and once you do that people will present their best selves to you in return. Our effect on others is the most valuable thing.

So find whatever works for you. Faith is not rational; it is having front row tickets to the unknown, it´s running full speed into the deep dark, it´s free falling without parachute.

I see prayers like sincere requests and offerings with a clear and genuine proposal in which you have to do half of the job…you cannot win the lottery if you do not buy a ticket! Just as long as your prayers are sincere or anyhow you wish to worship whatever God, that effort of yours will be responded somehow. I guess the objective of any religion is to find what makes sense to you, spiritually speaking, what works for you, and use it until you ever find anything that works better. Just as all the rivers enter the ocean, all the peace and calm will keep taking you to the center, to your heart. I am just starting to give all this a try, and somehow I know I am on the right track because the more I prayed, the less I panicked and worried. I do have many people around me that are not religious, or they never grew up with any God or they just abandoned trying to believe during their youth or later. What I do know, is that as you age and you see how tough it is out there, there is some kind of a longing to have something to believe in. Whether you have incredible or nasty experiences, like we all do, they make you want to seek understanding or some kind of spiritual context or meaning in which to express all those feelings.

What I got out from this book is that it does not matter who, where, what you worship or how, you have all the right to search for whatever metaphor that will comfort you when times get rough. I really do think that everyone worships something even if they do not have faith. Money, things, your body, beauty, can be worshiped but in the end does that make you feel complete or ugly? The only purpose of worshiping or meditation is to bring happiness and peace.

When all hope is gone, help arrives from somewhere, somehow, it does for everyone.

If this world is a crazy one, it is because it has way too many unhappy people. Let´s do our part and make ourselves in peace to enjoy the time that has been given to us. Notice how beautiful life is and notice yourself in it. That is the good news for all of us, our treasure is within us already, the not easy task is how to not listen to our busy mind, leave the greedy desires of our ego and just enter into the silence of our hearts.

After reading this book I know I will laugh more, smile more, live more, even cry, with a more open heart. I have to keep filling it! Manage storage! Because it will be all that I will take in the end.

Have you found the one word that defines you? Glad Liz did. I will know when I do.

“Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth.”

To eat is a divine pleasure, praying works, heals and transforms, and love is in you, you are made of it, it is endless in you and divine pure love is the answer to all your questions always.

Thanks for reading to the end! Thank you sis!

Love, Ana

eat pray love

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